Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm super bad at this

But I got a tumblr or whatever, and it's kinda like facebook and twitter and blogger all wrapped up in one. So that's amusing.

You can see it here:


In other news

-My birthday is tomorrow.
My best friend is driving up from Hickory to take me to dinner, which is probably going to be absolutely phenomenal. We also plan to go to the batting cage at Fun Depot for some stress relief. Yay!

-I'm completely smitten with both Beirut and Grizzly Bear (bands)
Here are some videos to show my appreciation (Both from LaBlogoTheQue):

-I am awake far too early.

-Jesus gave the pharisees an atomic elbow in my scripture reading this morning and I loved every second of it, but I hate when I'm one of them.

-I read one of my friend's blogs today. She found a list of "Ideal Characteristics for my Dream Woman" written by one of her friends. It was really well written, so I included a few of my favorites:

"She is a woman of God; an embodiment of all that is feminine and beautiful.
She can appreciate any type of music for what it does for the soul. She sings in shower, in the car, and anywhere else not caring who is listening. She is driven and burdened to do good, conquer kingdoms, administer justice, obtain promises; to be a light shining in the darkness and a voice of change—a peacemaker. She will change the world, turning it upside down of which it is not worthy of her. She is overflowing with the fruit of the Spirit and her passion is infectious. She has a gentle spirit and a kind heart. Her beautiful soul illuminates brightly. All can see her radiance. Her fragrance is a sweet, pleasing aroma. Her voice is a soothing lullaby."

-I'm going to *attempt* blogging during the summer. I will be on a creative ministries team with 4 of the most beautiful, talented, Christ-like women alive. I am so fortunate to have that sort of opportunity. So, hopefully, you'll get a little taste of what our experiences are like.

-Interfaith Easter Service is tonight. Our dress rehearsal on Sunday was very rough, and I'm hoping that things turn out better. My goal is that we would be totally reliant on the Holy Spirit when we get confused or frustrated or lost.

I think that's really all I have to say for now, and most of it is just thinking aloud, so I hope you're not bored to death. I did at least add songs to entertain you with.



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